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Normal breathing - Snoring / Apnea - With BluePro

BluePro possesses 3 essential features for a mandibular repositioning device (MRD) to be effective
The durable impression created in BluePro’s mentholated thermoplastic lining ensures a retentive force of 26 Newtons.This has been shown to be sufficient to resist jaw opening during sleep, ensuring the device remains effective throughout the night.

BluePro is a professional treatment option used exclusively under the supervision of health professionals. It provides an immediate, effective and affordable solution for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.
BluePro’s unique millimetric titration system ensures precision in the process of mandibular advancement.This adjustment is controlled by a clickstop system that allows the two splints to slide over each other and lock at the required level of advancement. An innovative SMART lock allows simple millimetric adjustment and is suitable for operation by the patient.
The assembled device forms a monobloc that maintains mouth closure while allowing air circulation through the mouth. The vertical opening allows oral respiration if there is nasal obstruction.

The titration process should be guided by the patient’s response to treatment and the avoidance of discomfort around the teeth and TMJ.

Tip: start in a comfortable position, slightly advanced, and adjust forward 1mm per week until symptoms are relieved. Hold the position or reverse in the event of discomfort until the jaw has adapted.

Some patients may experience

  • Dental discomfort and/or mobility
  • Jaw pain or jaw muscle fatigue
  • Temporary change in bite
  • Dry mouth or hyper salivation at the start of treatment
Side effects are often transitory as the patient adapts to wearing a device in the mouth.


  • Clean in cold water each morning using a soft brush and soap
  • Immerse in a specialist sterilising solution for oral devices
  • Dry and store in the open air
  • Transport in the hard case provided
  • Do not expose to temperatures above 40°C.
With good care BluePro should provide 1 year of continual use.

Food grade thermoplastic with no latex or bisphenol

  • Mentholated
  • Moldable and remoldable

Rilsan plastic splints

  • Vegetable origin plastic, used for its high strength and precision
  • Splints designed to fit most arch shapes
  • Laser printed with titration scale


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